a dash of the diabolical.



32pp with an inset fold-out


145mm x 207mm


First Edition


25 Numbered Copies


Publication Date: October 2017


Photo prints placed on uncoated paper




Sophie Hambling and Shahram Saadat’s latest project, The Video Home System, is an extensive collection of video tapes from an array of locations. Varying in content, form and colour, these familiar objects were obtained for little or no value, reiterating their worthlessness. A combination of generic and home recordings, this offers a personal insight into the use of the VHS, where the universal purpose has been adopted for the use of the individual. This intimate attachment is removed when the object is discarded. Although the data recorded may be of interest, the physical object remains useless.


No longer widely available to purchase, they are the preserve of charity shops, car boot sales and eBay. Often offered in bulk, disposed as unwanted purchases, unwanted gifts, unwanted pasts. What becomes of the memories caught, the films watched and then slowly become obsolete, unwanted and finally abandoned, often mid-way through a scene, midway through a narrative, commercial or private. Although their familiarity presents us with comfort and nostalgia, the personal relationship is removed when the material is appropriated and the physical object is stripped of any value. This transition from desirable to disposable is a representation of the current state.

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