60 pages - 24 x 19cm




October 2017



During the month of June 2017 I sat in a car for long hours, driving from Miami to LA. The first few days I couldn’t stop talking about how different everything was.

The McDonald’s signs were bigger, cars were massive SUVs, the roads never ended and the horizon was as blue as it gets.

After that period of time, being on the road became somewhat of a meditative state. The roads in the USA are pretty straight forward, not many curves, and the hum of the asphalt against the tires becomes a sort of lullaby or mantra.

This photo-book, Land Of. was the result of that state of mind.

It was produced as a means of understanding where I stood at that point. I didn't know where I was, where I wanted to go, or with whom.


So this happened.


We all get a bit lost or confused. Occasionally.


At least I know I do.

a dash of the diabolical.

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