Due for release November 2017



CERTA INCERTA (mors certa, hora incerta - the death is certain, its hour is uncertain) is a merge of death and time in photography. Funeral photographs were a manifesto of mourning, remembrance, but also an object representing history of the perished ones. Death became a taboo subject. We tend to avoid or neglect it. CERTA INCERTA is to familiarise the viewer with death and overcome its denial. The photograph is the representation of time as Kracauer said. The past and present are in the picture, however there is no physicality of time. CERTA INCERTA attempts to interpret the flow of time and its effect which is decay and death. The alternative method of developing prints may be seen as something more than the flow from material to immaterial. It is Time that created the pictures. It is death that makes us remember the photographs.

a dash of the diabolical.

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